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3 June 2001, am, Montreal,
11 July 2001, Lerab Ling, L'Engayresque, France

The significance of the kutsap.

Sogyal Rinpoche brings a very special image of Padmasambhava, known as a ‘kutsap’, which means ‘ambassador,’ or ‘representative,’ to all his retreats and teachings. This statue was created while Guru Rinpoche was still in Tibet, when he requested his twenty-five disciples to each make an image of him, to make ‘ambassadors’ that would be a field of merit and a source of blessing for future generations. Of those twenty-five images, this particular one is considered as one of the five most important, and is therefore one of the most sacred images that we could possibly have the chance of making our object of practice.
Helping the Dharma to spread.
Sometimes people dismiss Tibetan Buddhism as being merely a cultural artifact. But Tibet's significance for uѕ is that it brought the entire tradition of Buddhadharma together with the fabric of daily life. Whoever we are, wherever we come from, we all have the same potential for enlightenment. In Tibet, this potential was realized by an extraordinary number of individuals, and they are really not so very different from uѕ. We should remember that there is no Dharma separate from uѕ realizing our own true nature.

Introducing Dharma to the west brings with it an element of experiment. Our contribution, on entering this spiritual path, is coming to see how the Dharma works, through becoming accomplished practitioners. Our motivation is to study and practice, to remove our ignorance and conflicting emotions, to realize our true potential as Buddhas and be a guide and an inspiration for others. Once we've realized and can maintain this motivation, we will no longer have a tendency to limit ourselves, or be overwhelmed by what we're doing—we'll become amazed by how much capacity we actually have.


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